Introducing Lite Run

Lite Run helps people regain their ability to stand and walk following an injury or disability. Lite Run helps restore mobility and wellbeing quickly, comfortably and safely.

Lightens Therapist’s Burden

The Lite Run device greatly reduces a therapist’s need to lift or transfer a patient, which can reduce injury rates.

Helps Restore Mobility

Lite Run helps restore mobility and wellbeing quickly, comfortably and safely.

See the Lite Run System in action.

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Spacesuit Technology

The patented Lite Run System uses air pressure inside a specially-designed suit to unweight some of a patient’s body weight onto Lite Run’s proprietary walker. The air pressure inside Lite Run’s patented suit lifts a patient off of the ground.

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Air pressure suit.

Anti-gravity science

Just as the pressure of water in a swimming pool pushes a swimmer's body up and out of the water, the air pressure inside the Lite Run suit lifts a patient off of the ground. Patients’ joints retain full mobility, even when the suit is fully pressurized.

50% body weight reduction.

Dynamic unweighting

Using the system, a patient’s effective body weight may be reduced by up to 50 percent. For example, a 180-pound patient can “weigh” only 90 pounds! This means the weight the patient needs to support on his or her own is reduced, making walking and balance easier.

Unique “unweighting” effect.

Natural gait training

The unique “unweighting” effect produced by the Lite Run system allows patients to use their own natural gait. Because the system is unconditionally stable, patients are able to begin using it much sooner after injury.

What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

You guys are doing one amazing thing! Again from the bottom of my heart, thanks. It made me feel like I was actually able to walk.

Patient with paraplegia
Customer Testimonails

He hasn’t walked this far in 10 years.

Wife of stroke patient
Customer Testimonails

I felt very safe in walking which is not usual for me. I was encouraged enough to try to run for the first time in 5 years. And I just found it remarkable. I felt safe. I felt empowered. I was very proud of how very far I went.

Patient with peripheral neuropathy
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