Using Spacesuit Technology to Help Patients Walk Again

How It Works


Air pressure suit

Just as the pressure of water in a swimming pool pushes a swimmer’s body up & out of the water, the air pressure inside the Lite Run suit can lift a patient off THE GROUND!

Dynamic Unweighting

50% body weight reduction

The system can cut a patient’s effective body weight by half, so a 300-pound person can feel like they weigh only 150 pounds. This makes walking and balancing easier as the weight to support is reduced.

Natural Gait Training

Unique "unweighting" effect

The Lite Run system creates a distinctive “unweighting” effect, enabling patients to utilize their natural gait comfortably. This system’s unconditional stability further enhances the experience.

When to Use It

Studies have shown that physical activity can lead to improved mood and reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Physical Therapy

The Lite Run Gait Trainer is used in physical therapy clinics to improve gait training and rehabilitative exercises, providing a natural and effective experience that can improve mobility, balance, and overall quality of life. The device is praised by patients and therapists alike for its safety and ease of use.

Nursing Homes

The Lite Run is a Class 1 medical device that can assist nursing home staff in helping residents stand up and walk, improving their mobility and quality of life while reducing the risk of falls and related injuries. The device is easy to use and has safety features that make it ideal for nursing home environments.

Veterans Care

The Lite Run Gait Trainer offers a novel antigravity therapy system that can assist veterans in both VA hospitals and state-run veteran homes. Veterans can benefit from the device's ability to get them standing up and walking, which can have a positive impact on their overall mental health. Lite Run also hopes to collaborate with the VA on unweighting technology to better serve the unique needs of veterans.


The Lite Run Gait Trainer is a valuable tool for hospital rehabilitation programs, assisting patients in various units and reducing the risk of further injury while speeding up the recovery process. The device can provide efficient and cost-effective early mobility for patients.

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