Lite Run Gait Trainer Featured Product at Abilities Expo in Chicago, IL

We’re thrilled to announce that the Lite Run Gait Trainer is taking the spotlight as a featured product at the Abilities Expo! This groundbreaking gait training system is set to revolutionize the lives of individuals with mobility challenges, empowering them on their journey towards improved independence and freedom. With its innovative use of differential air […]

Lite Run joins proposed NSF ERC(CHAPTer) with MIT, Harvard and Stanford

We at Lite Run are excited to announce our partnership with the proposed NSF Engineering Research Center for Connected Health and Aging-in-Place Technology (CHAPTer). This initiative brings together researchers from top universities, including MIT, Stanford, and Harvard, to develop innovative solutions to the challenges facing the eldercare industry, such as a shortage of caregivers, high […]

NASA Technology Repurposed for Neuro-Rehab – Article in “Health Tech World”

US start-up, Lite Run has developed a rehabilitation system based on NASA-patented technology that has the ability to half patients’ bodyweight. The technology is based on the concept of ‘differential air pressure’; a theory that was originally explored by NASA to increase the body weight of astronauts while in space. Read the full article on […]

Lite Run Receives NEPDC/TREAT Award

NEPDC, TREAT, POSNA, and the Foundation for Physical Therapy awarded $150,000 in grant funding and over 400 hours of in-kind service to the commercialization of four medical devices. All applications were reviewed through a multi-stage process by a panel of business, clinical, and technology development experts, and selected finalists were invited to pitch their strategy […]